Toxin-Free Natural Deodorant




Toxin-Free Natural Deodorant




Natural Deodorant? Why?

Deodorants made by big-box corporations contain chemicals that have hidden harmful effects over the long-term, which can cause:

Breast Cancer [1-5]
Hormonal Imbalance [6-8]
Clogged Up Pores [9-10]

References at bottom of the page

How Pleasant Pits Works

Instead of using toxic chemicals like aluminum and paraben, we use natural ingredients.

Arrowroot Powder

Wicks sweat naturally

Coconut Oil & Minerals

Fight odor-inducing bacteria


No perfume or fragrances to cover up for poor quality

Other Benefits

... that other natural deodorants may not have.

For those with sensitive skin

Recyclable paper packaging

100% vegan ingredients

in Waterloo, ON


"Leaves no body odor or residue after using. And I love that it's unscented."

- Kiana R (Waterloo, ON)

"... one of the few brands that does not give me skin irritation."

- Emma A (Toronto, ON)

"Works just as well as a regular deodorant. No body odor, even after a workout."

- Vivek S (Guelph, ON)


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